Newbie - converting csv files to arrays in NumPy - Matlab vs. Numpy comparison

sturlamolden sturlamolden at
Sat Jan 13 23:47:53 CET 2007

oyekomova wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for their excellent suggestions. I was able to
> acheive the following results with all your suggestions. However, I am
> unable to cross file size of 6 million rows. I would appreciate any
> helpful suggestions on avoiding memory errors. None of the solutions
> posted was able to cross this limit.

The error message means you are running out of RAM.

With 6 million rows and 6 columns, the size of the data array is (only)
274 MiB. I have no problem allocating it on my laptop. How large is the
csv file and how much RAM do you have?

Also it helps to post the whole code you are trying to run. I don't
care much for guesswork.

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