[ANN] XPN 0.7.0

Nemesis nemesis at nowhere.invalid
Fri Jan 12 21:01:36 CET 2007

XPN (X Python Newsreader) is a multi-platform newsreader with Unicode
support. It is written with Python+GTK. It has features like
scoring/actions, X-Face and Face decoding, muting of quoted text,
newsrc import/export, find article and search in the body, spoiler
char/rot13, random taglines and configurable attribution lines.

You can find it on:




Changes in this release:

    * v0.7.0: added basic multiserver support. 
              This change has required some modifications to the groups db 
              format, in order to keep your subscriptions you need to export 
              to a newsrc file from XPN-0.6.5 and reimport it in XPN-0.7.0.
    * v0.7.0: now is possible to use Function keys for customized keybindings	
    * v0.7.0: modified the command used to test the connection in order to
              prevent hamster hang-ups.
    * v0.7.0: fixed a bug that caused XPN to crash trying to export newsrc
              file with empty groups subscribed.
    * v0.7.0: fixed a bug in "Apply Scoring and Actions Rules" feature that 
              caused XPN crashes trying to apply !kill rule.
    * v0.7.0: some minor fixes.

XPN is translated in Italian French and German, if you'd like to translate it
in your language and you are familiar with gettext and po-files
editing please contact me (xpn at altervista.org).

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up
where I needed to be.

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 | \|emesis |XPN (my nr): http://xpn.altervista.org

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