Best way to document Python code...

Nick Vatamaniuc vatamane at
Wed Jan 24 23:15:47 CET 2007

Epydoc is the way to go. You can even choose between various formating
standards (including javadoc ) and customize the output using CSS.

On Jan 22, 7:51 pm, "Stuart D. Gathman" <stu... at> wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Jan 2007 17:35:18 -0500, Stuart D. Gathman wrote:
> > The HTML generated by pydoc doesn't link to standard modules properly.
> > They are generated as relative links.  So it can't be used without
> > modification for generating docs for a web page about a python package.
> > I'm struggling with the same issue.  Coding Python is so much easier than
> > Java.  However documenting Java is so much easier than Python.  Just
> > include doc comments, run javadoc, and voila!Wow!  I just tried epydoc, and it is every bit as easy as javadoc and
> with similar output. Too bad it isn't standard.  But the comments and
> docstrings it parses work fine with pydoc also.
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