Getting started with Crystal Reports...little help in the far court.

Carl Trachte janencarl at
Fri Jan 26 02:38:36 CET 2007


    I've been able to get some Business Objects COM functionality in
Business Objects 6.5 (the logging in functionality I have to do through a
call to an Excel VBA macro; otherwise things appear to work for what I'm

    Unfortunately, I don't have experience with Python in Business Objects
XI or Crystal Reports.  I did have to play with makepy on a couple Business
Objects files to get something useful.  I believe I eventually struck
paydirt with busobj.exe (but don't quote me on it - it's been a while).

    This information probably isn't terribly useful.  The best advice I can
give is to try the respective Crystal Reports and Business Objects XI
executable files with makepy.  If there's no joy there, start working with
the dll's and see if they yield something that works.

    Hopefully someone with a bit more win32 or BO XI experience will chime
in.  In the meantime, good luck.

Carl T.

"Mudcat" <mnations at> wrote in message
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> I am not that familiar with Crystal Reports, but having read some other
> posts I know that the way to integrate the API with Python is through
> the COM interface provide by win32all.
> However, I have been unable to find any other information on how to get
> started. I've used the COM interface before in integrating Excel and a
> couple of other things. So I am familiar with how that works. But there
> are at least 40 options dealing with Crystal and Business Objects. I
> have no idea which makepy file to create or which one provides the
> functionality I need.
> I'm not looking to do much. All I'm really trying to do is provide one
> application where a list of crystal reports can be selected and ran in
> series. Right now we have a lot of reports that all have to be run
> manually (takes a while). So I think all I need api access to is server
> selection, parameter selection, and output formats.
> Any pointers in the right direction would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Marc

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