module email

Sergey Dorofeev sergey at
Thu Jan 25 11:55:27 CET 2007

"Rob Wolfe" <rw at> wrote in message news:874pqgf7hb.fsf at

>> p2=email.message.Message()
>> p2.set_type("message/rfc822")
>> p2.set_payload(m)
> Payload is a _list_ of Message objects (is_multipart() == True)
> or a _string_ object (is_multipart() == False) but never just Message 
> object.

1. If I give m.as_string() into set_payload, result is the same.
2. I don't understand, how message/rfc822 section can accept a list of two 
or more messages. Can you explain?

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