Frequency spectrum with fft of a real valued array...?

Holger postbox.holger at
Thu Jan 11 17:11:27 CET 2007

Dear all,

I need to do a FFT on an array of 20k real values. Origin of the sampled  
data is a sinus wave with light harmonics.
The goal is an frequency spectrum with the magnitudes of the first 50.  

I addressed python like:

	test_arr = src_data_dict[ channel ][0:19599]
	target_data_dict[ channel ] = FFT.fft(test_arr,n=50,axis=-1)

This results in an array of complex values but with unexpected big  
(much higher than the original signal magnitudes)
How do I get the absolute magnitudes of the harmonics, which are much  
lower than the
resulting absolute values of the coefficients?

The result should be like this:

1.harmonic (50 Hz)		1,0
2.harmonic (100 Hz)	0,01
3.harmonic (100 Hz)	0,08
4.harmonic (100 Hz)	0,0035

at the moment I get a resulting array like:


What does it mean to me? How do I get to the wanted frequenca spectrum???

btw The maximum magnitudes of the original data are app. 70 peak

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Regards Holger

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