Rendering text question (context is MSWin UI Automation)

Boris Borcic bborcic at
Wed Jan 24 06:08:58 EST 2007

imageguy wrote:
> I was looking for ( and still am searching for) similiar functionality.
>  Specifically I would like to be able to capture a small area of the
> screen (a number or a code) and convert this to text that can be used
> in my application.

There is a windows executable version of gnu ocr at that (in combination with screen 
capture capability that pywinauto distributes) sort of can do that. An issue is 
that it's not exceedingly accurate, for instance it recognizes "2" as "1" (in 
the font that er, counts for me). I could probably manage such imprecisions but 
I would rather have an exact solution.
> I work with wxPython and Win32 applications exclusively.
> So if I can be of any help or assistance, please let me know.
> Geoff.

Thanks for the offer, I will keep it in mind,

Boris Borcic

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