My python programs need a GUI, wxPython or PyQt4?

David Boddie david at
Wed Jan 24 15:28:49 CET 2007

On Jan 24, 3:00 pm, Giovanni Bajo <n... at> wrote:

> Thus, it is well possible to write internal GPL software, using the Qt Open
> Source library, and to release/distribute/use it *ONLY* internally.

> Also, it
> should be made clear that a company can of course relicense its own
> proprietary libraries as GPL for internal usage only, so that they can be
> linked to other GPL libraries "legally".

That seems to be a reasonable approach, though it seems to me that the
GPL grants even "internal" users certain rights.

> [[ Another page of similar babble is the one where they try to convince you
> that you cannot use the Qt Open Source edition to develop a software, and then
> buy the commercial edition only the day before you want to release it as non
> open-source. I can't even understand how they can even try to support such a
> nonsense position. You're free to develop your software for years as GPL
> without distributing it, and then relicense your own code whenever you want.
> They're obviously just trying to scare people. ]]

That's nothing to do with any restrictions in the GPL; it's more to do
purchasing a commercial license. Obviously, if you're operating a dual
licensing scheme, it's not in your interest to encourage people to
to write open source software up until the day it is released as a
source product. That sort of behaviour is not exactly inviting mutual
between vendor and customer, is it?


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