Best way to document Python code...

Adonis Vargas adonis at
Mon Jan 22 21:40:57 CET 2007

Scott Huey wrote:
> I am working on a Python module and I would like to prepare some API
> documentaiton. I managed to find epydoc after some searching online.
> Is there a standard way to document the API for Python modules? Is
> epydoc the best way to go if there is no standard? Are there other ways
> to document a Python API?
> Thanks,
> Scott Huey

The "standard" is to use docstrings


class MyModule:
     This module does something

     def someMethod(self):
     This method does something, accepts args/returns value etc.

Then one way to view the docstrings is to start a python shell, import 
your module, and do help(MyModule)


class: MyModule

do in the shell:

import mymodule

Then Python will generate a quick help interface for your module. I 
suspect epydoc uses docstrings but I *may* be wrong, since I have never 
used epydoc. But a quick look at pydoc (not to be confused with epydoc) 
which is part of the standard library allows you to generate 
documentation in HTML format, and/or serve it over web with its built-in 
HTTP server.


Hope this helps.


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