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Michele Simionato michele.simionato at
Fri Jan 5 17:01:17 CET 2007

king kikapu wrote:
> > > Are they embarassed by their code?
>, just worried about stealing their ideas...

I believe that shipping just the bytecode is a pretty effective way to
stop 99% of programmers from
reading your code. Yes, in theory they could decompile it, but in
practice, programmers are lazy.
Look, I am so lazy that usually I don't read the source code, even if
it is there in plain!

Of course, if you only ship the bytecode and your code has bugs, the
tracebacks will be
less explicit and it will be more difficult for you to support your
users. Also, you will stop
the users that could fix the bug for you from doing so and you will
rule out the possibility
of getting help for free. Think about that.

If it was that easy to steal non-trivial ideas from the source code, we
will not complain all
the time about about how difficult is to understand the code written by

 Michele Simionato

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