My python programs need a GUI, wxPython or PyQt4?

Daniel not at
Wed Jan 24 00:09:07 CET 2007

I've downloaded both the wxPython and the PyQt4 package, and by the 
first impression I must say that the PyQt4 system had a very 
compelling presentation. From what I can understand from the feedback 
I've gotten so far is that the wxPython is a better choice when it 
comes to compability (with linux), and it's free even if I want to 
create applications and sell them.
So, from what I understand I will have to go with PyQt4 since (from 
my understanding):
1. I will not sell the applications I'm working with since they will 
only be used by the internal QA at a computer game company. 
2. There seems to be a lot of documentation available for PyQt4. 
3. PyQt4 seems to be easier to learn.
4. My programs does not need to support Linux or Unix. 
Or am I wrong? Flame people, for the love of God, flame!! :)


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