Maths error

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Sun Jan 14 06:18:11 CET 2007

 "Dennis Lee Bieber" <wlfraed at> wrote:

> {My 8th grade teacher was a bit worried at seeing me with a slipstick
> <G>; and my HighSchool Trig/Geometry teacher only required 3 significant
> digits for answers -- even though half the class had calculators by
> then}

LOL - I haven't seen the word "slipstick" for yonks...

I recall an SF character known as "Slipstick Libby",
who was supposed to be a Genius - but I forget
the setting and the author.

It is something that has become quietly extinct, and
we did not even notice.

We should start a movement for reviving them -
on grounds of their "greenness" - they use no

Fat chance.

- Hendrik

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