IDLE Python and Environment Variables

Tristan tmaroff at
Thu Jan 11 15:45:28 CET 2007

Thanks Gabriel.

> What kind of environment variables? Those used by Python itself, like
> PYTHONPATH? Or your own variables, like FOO_LOCATION=C:\My\Projects\Lib\Foo

I need to add to PYTHONPATH and other enviroment variables asked, for
example, by DJANGO or other python products.

> It appears that your variables are some kind of configuration - in
> this case it has more sense to put such configuration in another
> place, like a config file, and forget about environment variables.
> You can use the usual .ini Windows format and read it with
> ConfigParser. You can pass your script the name of the ini file to
> read - this would be the equivalent of using different .bat files to
> call the same script.
> This way it doesn't matter whether you invoke your application using
> python command line, or inside IDLE, or inside another environment.

I considered to use it, thanks!!  Incidentally (beg your pardon if it
sounds to ignorance), can I define Environment variables in a config
file and then apply to my python program?


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