2.3-2.5 what improved?

robert no-spam at no-spam-no-spam.invalid
Wed Jan 17 12:20:53 CET 2007

Robin Becker wrote:
> A large cgi based web Python-2.3 application needs to be speed improved. 
> experiments show the following under reasonable testing (these are 2 
> second reportlab pdf productions)
> 1) 2.3 --> 2.5 improvement small 1-2%
> 2) cgi --> fcgi improvement medium 10-12%
> I sort of remember claims being made about 2.5 being 10% faster than 
> 2.4/2.3 etc etc. Can anyone say where the speedups were? Presumably we 
> have a lot of old cruft that could be improved in some way eg moving 
> loops into comprehensions, using iterator methods etc. Are those sort of 
> things what we should look at?

Python 2.5 became quite fat. For bare CGI the Python load/init 
time eats all improvements. Smaller scripts even loose lot of speed.

I still like Python 2.3 for many other reasons for many 
applications - especially for CGI's, on Windows, for deployable 
apps, GUI's etc. because the fat coming with Python 2.4 is not 
balanced by necessary goods - mostly just fancy things.
( I run even a list of patches and module copies/addaptations down 
to 2.3 because of that :-) )

Real news come with Py3K


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