Learning to program in Python

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If I were you, I'd think up a project and just build it.  The best way
to really learn is to do, at least for me.  If you run into problems,
then you can come back and ask the group here.  Believe me, I've asked
some very basic questions, and everyone's been very friendly and

As an EE major, maybe you can think of some project that interests you
and build it.  One thing that comes to mind is, maybe, a graphical
program to lay out circuits?  Parts inventory program?  Circuit tester?
I don't know, I was an English major, but you get the idea.

Anyway, try to think of a project that includes several of the key
fundamentals of programming that we do every day, like reading and
writing files, reading and writing to a database, GUI development, and
things like that.



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Hello everybody.

I am an Electrical Engineering major and have dabbled in several
languages such as Python, C, and Java in my spare time because of my
interest in programming. However, I have not done any practical
programming because I have no idea where to get started. I taught myself
these languages basically by e-tutorials and books. This makes me feel
as if I don't really know how to implement these languages.
Does anybody have any advice on where to start applying my limited
knowledge practically in order to advance my learning?

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