Learning to program in Python

Bill Scherer bill.scherer at verizonwireless.com
Fri Jan 5 15:33:03 EST 2007

jbchua wrote:

>Hello everybody.
>I am an Electrical Engineering major and have dabbled in several
>languages such as Python, C, and Java in my spare time because of my
>interest in programming. However, I have not done any practical
>programming because I have no idea where to get started. I taught
>myself these languages basically by e-tutorials and books. This makes
>me feel as if I don't really know how to implement these languages.
>Does anybody have any advice on where to start applying my limited
>knowledge practically in order to advance my learning?
Given your major, I think you'll find Unum very handy:

It allows one to work with familiar terms naturally:

 >>> 1 / ( (2*pi) * (1*Mega*OHM) * (.1*Micro*F) )
1.59154943092 [1/s]
(note that Unum doesn't provide the metric prefixes in this example, but 
thats easy enough to code oneself)

They have tutorial which you may find useful.



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