The reliability of python threads

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Wed Jan 24 18:12:19 CET 2007

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"Carl J. Van Arsdall" <cvanarsdall at> writes:
|> Hey everyone, I have a question about python threads.  Before anyone 
|> goes further, this is not a debate about threads vs. processes, just a 
|> question.
|> With that, are python threads reliable?  Or rather, are they safe?  I've 
|> had some strange errors in the past, I use threading.lock for my 
|> critical sections, but I wonder if that is really good enough.
|> Does anyone have any conclusive evidence that python threads/locks are 
|> safe or unsafe?

Unsafe.  They are built on top of unsafe primitives (POSIX, Microsoft
etc.)  Python will shield you from some problems, but not all.

There is precious little that you can do, because the root cause is
that the standards and specifications are hopelessly flawed.

Nick Maclaren.

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