Xah's Edu Corner: Introduction to 3D Graphics Programing

John Ersatznom j.ersatz at nowhere.invalid
Wed Jan 10 09:28:03 CET 2007

ajsiegel at optonline.com wrote:
> And the core folks around the project are either science educators or
> Python folks - there is little C++ expertise currently involved with
> the project.
> The project is looking for help.
> Anyone willing to jump in should perhaps reply here or at:
[snip address]

I see lots of mentions of C++ and Python, but not Java, so suggesting
that anyone reply "here" (i.e. comp.lang.java.programmer) seems
questionable to me.

And what the hell is wrong with my goddam newsserver? Again it
complained that a header was missing (which either should have been
there to start with or not been an error) and then when I added it that
the message was a duplicate (it was a duplicate only if the previous try
had succeeded, but it claimed the previous try had failed).

I'm thinking of ditching aioe. Anyone know of any other public, free
newsservers that permit posting as well as reading? A whole lot of Web
research has failed to turn up any besides aioe. Mind you, I found a lot
of high quality free ones that permit reading only (some with binaries!
not that I need 'em) and at least one that calls itself "free" and says
it permits posting but actually charges an "account setup fee" -- where
are truth in advertising laws when you need them? "Free" doesn't mean
"No monthly payments" or "No recurring payments", it means FREE, as in

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