Building extensions with vc8

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Mon Jan 22 22:48:46 CET 2007

Howard Lightstone schrieb:
> Has there been any progress on being able to build extensions with MSVC8 
> (aka Visual Studio 2005)?

No. No progress will happen throughout the release of Python 2.5.
To get the facts straight: it *might* be possible to build an extension
with msvc8 (thus linking with msvcr8.dll); this should work as long
as the extension doesn't use any API that is forbidden for the mixed-CRT
case. Only a source inspection of the extension module can tell whether
there is any risky code.

> Since the "free" compiler from Microsoft is now VC8, I *assume* this will 
> be the new method.....

Your assumption is wrong; this isn't officially supported.

> 2.5 itself rebuilds using PCbuild8, as do tkinter (but using Tcl 8.4.14 and 
> Tk 8.4.14) however  none of the distutils-generated extensions will build.

If you built Python 2.5 yourself with VS 2005, you should be able to
build extension modules as well with distutils, by setting MSSdk and
DISTUTILS_USE_SDK appropriately.


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