Cannot build 2.5 on FC6 x86

Frank Millman frank at
Thu Jan 4 06:23:32 CET 2007

Paul Watson wrote:
> Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> > Paul Watson schrieb:
> >> ./configure
> >> make
> >> make test
> >>
> >> The result appears to hang after the test_tkl... line.  I had to kill
> >> the 'make test' process which terminated it.  Any suggestions?
> >
> Sorry, I mis-typed.  It is not test_tkl.  It was test_tcl...
> The last line output was as shown below my mistyping.
> I let it sit overnight one time.

FWIW, this is my experience.

I installed 2.5 on FC6 a few weeks ago, and it has been running with no

I ran 'make test' now, and this is what I got.

Near the top of the output, I saw the following message -
    INFO: Can't locate Tcl/Tk libs and/or headers

When it got to test_tcl, it showed the following message -
    test_tcl skipped -- No module named _tkinter

At the end, it showed the following -
    284 tests OK.
    35 tests skipped:
        [snip details]
    1 skip unexpected on linux2:

It ran to the end without stopping.

Hope this may be of some help in diagnosis.

Frank Millman

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