OpenOffice 2.0 UNO update Links; need help

m.banaouas banaouas.medialog at
Mon Jan 22 16:16:29 CET 2007

Sells, Fred a écrit :
> I've got a ~100 page document I assemble from ~30 OOo .odt files with some
> search and replace functions.  I then produce a PDF.  So far so good.
> Now I need to get a barcode from our internal website and insert that.  The
> barcode will vary based on some parameters.  Our internal site provides a
> .jpg image (or .gif) based on those parameters.
> Can anyone provide a snippet or some pointers on how to do this.  I've
> googled it to death and checked the OOo DevGuide to no avail.
> Either python or java solution is acceptable.
you can use urllib2 python module:

import urllib2
f = urllib2.urlopen('')
data =
f = file('nav_logo.png', 'w')

in your case, may be parameters are passed thru url to get a particular 
barcode image (http://myserver/myapplication/barcode?format=xxx&id=yyy 
etc. ...).
for authentication, if any, it needs a little more sophisticated coding.

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