working model of a microcoded computer

Stef Mientki S.Mientki-nospam at
Sun Jan 28 22:36:20 CET 2007

kloro wrote:
> This is somewhat off topic, but I think many programmers would be
> interested to look at a working model of a microcoded computer at:
> click on the link for 'Hack the Com puter Model.' It conveys among 
> other
> things the physical events that underlie execution of a microcode
> instruction and, by extension, of machine language.
> I would like very much to get people's feedback on the thing.
> Thanks,
> tom arnall
> north spit, ca
> usa
hi Tom,

looks nice !
But probably completely written in Java ?
However, people who can handle this kind of complex circuits, can do without such a simulation :-(
But still I see a good practical use of it, for educational and debugging purposes,
if you would implement one of those small micro-controllers (e.g. PIC).

Stef Mientki

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