Learning to program in Python

John Henry john106henry at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 5 21:32:13 CET 2007

jbchua wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I am an Electrical Engineering major and have dabbled in several
> languages such as Python, C, and Java in my spare time because of my
> interest in programming. However, I have not done any practical
> programming because I have no idea where to get started. I taught
> myself these languages basically by e-tutorials and books. This makes
> me feel as if I don't really know how to implement these languages.
> Does anybody have any advice on where to start applying my limited
> knowledge practically in order to advance my learning?

Which area of EE are you in?  Or just starting on that as well?

If you're just starting, chanllege yourself to build a R mesh and
calculate the Thevenin equivalent looking out from a particular node.
Then you can expand that to an RLC network.

Besure to use Objects, think in terms of objects, and code in objects.
 Don't hard code the data type.  You'll be able to see how magical the
Duck Typing is in Python.

Have fun.

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