How to use Mercurial for local source code management with a public Subversion server

Larry Hastings larry at
Thu Jan 11 01:40:40 CET 2007

I'm working on a patch or two for Python.  Now, it's always best to use
a source code manager (rcs, whatever) when writing code; in particular
it'd make updating to the latest Python trees much easier.  But I don't
have write access to the Python Subversion repository.  So I figured
out how to work purely locally with Mercurial.

I wrote a long(ish) how-to blog entry about it,  .  It's currently the
top entry, here:
Figuring out *how* to do it was the hard part; it's actually pretty
easy to set up and use.  And *very* pleasant to work with!  If you're
working on patches for Python, I highly recommend you work using
something like this.  (Maybe even if you *do* have write permission!)

I considered posting this in the Python-Dev mailing list, as that's
really the target audience, but I wasn't sure the message would be
happily received by its subscribers.



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