Bizarre floating-point output

Nick Maclaren nmm1 at
Mon Jan 8 18:08:22 CET 2007

In article <mailman.2425.1168272626.32031.python-list at>, Fredrik Lundh <fredrik at> writes:
|> Nick Maclaren wrote:
|> > The use of different precisions for the two cases is not, however,
|> > and it is that I was and am referring to.
|> that's by design, of course.  maybe you should look "repr" up in the 
|> documentation ?

I think that you should.  Where does it say that tuple's __str__ is
the same as its __repr__?

The obvious interpretation of the documentation is that a sequence
type's __str__ would call __str__ on each sub-object, and its __repr__
would call __repr__.

Nick Maclaren.

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