Dividing integers...Convert to float first?

Thomas Ploch Thomas.Ploch at gmx.net
Sat Jan 6 21:33:32 CET 2007

Beliavsky schrieb:
> If the C or Fortran committees tried to change
> the meaning of int/int, they would be shot.

Or hanged...

> If you want to be confident that your code will run, unchanged, 10
> years from now on the hardware and OS that will then be common, Python
> 2.x is not the language to use, unfortunately. From what I have read,
> Python 3 will break things more fundamental than int/int.

Yes, but until then we have to use python 2.x. And I think that python
2.x will be around quite a while after python 3000 has been released if
it breaks so much.


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