Parallel Python

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at
Fri Jan 12 12:52:43 CET 2007

parallelpython at wrote:

> Has anybody tried to run parallel python applications?
> It appears that if your application is computation-bound using 'thread'
> or 'threading' modules will not get you any speedup. That is because
> python interpreter uses GIL(Global Interpreter Lock) for internal
> bookkeeping. The later allows only one python byte-code instruction to
> be executed at a time even if you have a multiprocessor computer.
> To overcome this limitation, I've created ppsmp module:
> It provides an easy way to run parallel python applications on smp
> computers.
> I would appreciate any comments/suggestions regarding it.
> Thank you!

Looks interesting, but is there any way to use this for a cluster of
machines over a network (not smp)?

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