Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Sat Jan 27 05:24:22 CET 2007

Patch / Bug Summary

Patches :  421 open ( -2) /  3549 closed (+10) /  3970 total ( +8)
Bugs    :  943 open (-17) /  6471 closed (+25) /  7414 total ( +8)
RFE     :  260 open ( +2) /   250 closed ( +1) /   510 total ( +3)

New / Reopened Patches

rlcompleter tab completion in pdb  (2007-01-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1641544  opened by  Stephen Emslie

logging leaks loggers  (2007-01-22)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1641790  opened by  TH

Fix error/crash in AST: syntaxerror in complex ifs  (2007-01-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1642547  opened by  Thomas Wouters

comments to clarify complexobject.c  (2007-01-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1642844  opened by  Jim Jewett

Fix Bug 1362475 Text.edit_modified() doesn't work  (2007-01-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1643641  opened by  Matthias Kievernagel

ctypes leaks memory  (2007-01-24)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1643874  opened by  Thomas Heller

file -> open in stdlib  (2007-01-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1644218  opened by  Daniel Nogradi

Allow importing built-in submodules  (2007-01-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1644818  opened by  Miguel Lobo

Patches Closed

Fix for #1601399 (urllib2 does not close sockets properly)  (2007-01-03)
       http://python.org/sf/1627441  closed by  gbrandl

C99 _Bool support for struct  (2006-12-07)
       http://python.org/sf/1610575  closed by  loewis

logging leaks loggers  (2007-01-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1641790  closed by  vsajip

Patch for #1586414 to avoid fragmentation on Windows  (2006-10-31)
       http://python.org/sf/1587674  closed by  gustaebel

smtplib email renames  (2007-01-16)
       http://python.org/sf/1637162  closed by  gbrandl

urllib2: email.Utils->email.utils  (2007-01-16)
       http://python.org/sf/1637159  closed by  gbrandl

urllib: change email.Utils -> email.utils  (2007-01-16)
       http://python.org/sf/1637157  closed by  gbrandl

tarfile extraction does not honor umask  (2006-06-16)
       http://python.org/sf/1507247  closed by  gustaebel

Fix crash when replacing sys.stdout in sitecustomize  (2007-01-08)
       http://python.org/sf/1630975  closed by  twouters

ctypes leaks memory  (2007-01-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1643874  closed by  theller

New / Reopened Bugs
___________________ Error in append and extend descriptions  (2007-01-21)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1641109  opened by  ilalopoulos

Python 2.5 gets curses.h warning on HPUX  (2007-01-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1642054  opened by  Roy Smith

Grammatical Error  (2007-01-23)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1643150  opened by  Steve Miller

function breakpoints in pdb  (2007-01-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1643369  opened by  decitre

Emphasize buffering issues when sys.stdin is used  (2007-01-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1643712  opened by  Raghuram Devarakonda

Problem with signals in a single-threaded application  (2007-01-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1643738  opened by  Ulisses Furquim

strptime %U broken  (2007-01-24)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1643943  opened by  Brian Nahas

Error arrow offset wrong  (2007-01-25)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1644239  opened by  Cees Timmerman

./configure --prefix=/ breaks, won't build C modules  (2007-01-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1644987  opened by  Jim Shankland

MIME renderer: wrong header line break with long subject?  (2007-01-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1645148  opened by  kxroberto

Bugs Closed

Newline skipped in "for line in file"  (2007-01-16)
       http://python.org/sf/1636950  closed by  bcannon

Over-zealous keyword-arguments check for built-in set class  (2006-05-11)
       http://python.org/sf/1486663  closed by  gbrandl

urllib2 does not close sockets properly  (2006-11-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1601399  closed by  gbrandl

subprocess: error redirecting i/o from non-console process   (2006-11-27)
       http://python.org/sf/1603907  closed by  astrand

Problem running a subprocess  (2007-01-13)
       http://python.org/sf/1634739  closed by  astrand

subprocess.py: O(N**2) bottleneck  (2006-11-17)
       http://python.org/sf/1598181  closed by  astrand Error in append and extend descriptions  (2007-01-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1641109  closed by  gbrandl

asyncore.py and "handle_expt"  (2002-12-16)
       http://python.org/sf/654766  closed by  sf-robot

Segfault provoked by generators and exceptions  (2006-10-18)
       http://python.org/sf/1579370  closed by  loewis

gen_iternext: Assertion `f->f_back != ((void *)0)' failed  (2006-05-06)
       http://python.org/sf/1483133  closed by  nnorwitz

Python polls unnecessarily every 0.1 second when interactive  (2006-09-05)
       http://python.org/sf/1552726  closed by  akuchling

subprocess interpreted double quotation wrong on windows  (2006-03-09)
       http://python.org/sf/1446119  closed by  astrand

tarfile.extract() may cause file fragmentation on Windows XP  (2006-10-28)
       http://python.org/sf/1586414  closed by  gustaebel

subprocess.py Errors with IDLE  (2005-02-17)
       http://python.org/sf/1126208  closed by  astrand

subprocess.Popen fails inside a Windows service  (2005-07-15)
       http://python.org/sf/1238747  closed by  astrand

mailbox.py uses old email names  (2007-01-16)
       http://python.org/sf/1637167  closed by  gbrandl

subprocess.py fails on Windows when there is no console  (2005-11-16)
       http://python.org/sf/1358527  closed by  astrand

mailbox.py _fromlinepattern regexp does not support positive  (2007-01-11)
       http://python.org/sf/1633678  closed by  akuchling

rfc822 module, bug in parsedate_tz  (2005-08-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1249573  closed by  gbrandl

an extra comma in condition command crashes pdb  (2007-01-03)
       http://python.org/sf/1627316  closed by  gbrandl

Use of "except:" in logging module  (2001-03-28)
       http://python.org/sf/411881  closed by  sf-robot

segfaults when using __del__ and weakrefs  (2005-12-10)
       http://python.org/sf/1377858  closed by  bcannon

Grammatical Error  (2007-01-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1643150  closed by  quiver

modulefinder is not documented  (2004-03-11)
       http://python.org/sf/914375  closed by  theller

strptime %U broken  (2007-01-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1643943  closed by  bcannon

Error arrow offset wrong  (2007-01-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1644239  closed by  gbrandl

ctypes: Pointer-to-pointer unchanged in callback  (2006-10-10)
       http://python.org/sf/1574588  closed by  theller

New / Reopened RFE

recursive urlparse  (2007-01-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1643370  opened by  anatoly techtonik

RFE Closed

Add registry functions to windows postinstall  (2007-01-14)
       http://python.org/sf/1635335  closed by  loewis

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