How to write code to get focuse the application which is open from server

vithi vithi99 at
Mon Jan 15 06:11:35 CET 2007

Hi Paul,
Since your reply I try to use pywinauto. I was able to get the control
of a window that is a good news but it is not working for sub window
this main window create.(popup windows)
eg) File -> print    will open print window but the code is not
clicking print button. I try several combination
app,Print.OK.CloseClick() or app,Print.OK.Click() is not working

my code goes like that
qi = app.window_(title_re = ".*arcMap.*")

the last line of code is not working same thing with file open to
qi.TypeKeys("%FO") create popup window "open" but
app,Open.Filename.SetEditText("test1,txt") is not working any help to
overcome to this problem (Here the "Print" , "Open" are windows title I
am using without any undestanding why I am using. Any help?

Paul McGuire wrote:
> "vinthan" <svithi at> wrote in message
> news:1168143871.536432.252010 at
> > hi,
> > I am new to python. I have to write test cases in python. An
> > application is open in the desk top ( application writen in .Net) I
> > have to write code to get focuse the application and click on the link
> > which in the one side  and it will load the map on the other and I have
> > to check map is loaded. Any one tell me how do I use Dispatch or any
> > other method to write a code.
> >
> If you are running on Windows, look into pywinauto
> (
> I have successfully used it to interact with a Flash animation running
> within an IE browser.
> I also had to inspect the graphics displayed by the Flash animation, for
> this I used PIL (
> Good luck,
> -- Paul

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