Python Windows Editors

Hertha Steck nulla.epistola at
Wed Jan 24 20:47:26 CET 2007

Am Mon, 22 Jan 2007 00:33:12 +0000 schrieb W. Watson:

> mensanator at wrote:
>> W. Watson wrote:
>>> I downloaded python-2.5.msi and installed it. I believe its editor is IDE. I
>>> understand there's a Win editor called pythonwin. I believe it's in the
>>> download pywin32-210.win32-py2.5.exe, but I'm not sure if this exe file has
>>> just the editor or all of Python. Comments? If not how do I get the
>>> PythonWin editor by itself?

By "IDE" you mean IDLE, don't you?

>> Print your files from Notepad, after all, they're just text files.
>> But IDLE has more usefull Formatting options.
> Thanks. Already did it, but used Word. I can get line numbers in that way.

And you are absolutely certain you won't never, ever, detect a typo when
you have your script open in Word, correct it, save the file and try to
use the resulting mess as a Python script? Or does Word leave it as a text
file in such a case? I never dare to open source code in Word, so I'm not
really sure.


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