A python library to convert RTF into PDF ?

leonel.gayard at gmail.com leonel.gayard at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 19:52:02 CET 2007

No, this won't work.

First, pdflatex is too slow. Second, my templates are M$-Word doc
files, and they cannot be easily converted to tex. I have tried to
convert them to tex using OpenOffice, but the result is ugly as hell.

I cannot convert the doc files into PDF, because I do not have a
library that allows me to manipulate PDF files. Reportlab does *not* do
the trick, it can create new pdf files, but it cannot manipulate
existing pdf files.

So, converting the doc files to RTF, in order to manipulate them is my
best chance. Now how can I convert them to PDF ?


Tom Plunket wrote:
> leonel.gayard at gmail.com wrote:
> > So, what library can I use to convert from RTF to PDF ? GPL / BSD
> > Libraries are welcome.
> If you could write to LaTeX files instead, you could then just use
> pdflatex that comes with all of the LaTeX distributions.
> -tom!
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