Bush, clean up your shit and farts before you leave - Hillary Clinton

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I' m not a Bush or Hillary fan, but this strikes me as pretty funny.
Hillary: I'm not for any fixed date, as long as it's before the 2008 
Dammit, George, I don't want Iraq to be a campaign issue!

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> But Bush was merely an ego front for the neocons ... He spoke their
> speeches, signed their recommendations, and ordered their wars, go and
> listen to Benjamin Friedman's excellent video in his very passionate
> voice ...
> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3552214685532803163&q
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> http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/492891p-415149c.html
> Hil to W: Clean up your own mess
> Leaving it to next Prez is irresponsible, she tells Iowa crowd
> Hillary Clinton addresses crowd at town-hall style meeting yesterday
> in Davenport, Iowa. Her two-day swing through Iowa, where she hit hard
> on issues like Iraq war and health care, was first trip to state with
> earliest caucus since announcing presidential candidacy.
> DAVENPORT, Iowa - President Bush should clean up the mess he made in
> Iraq and bring American troops home before he leaves the White House
> in 2009, Sen. Hillary Clinton said yesterday.
> Clinton fired her rhetoric-raising broadside at Bush and the Iraq war
> on her first swing through Iowa as a presidential hopeful, painting
> herself as tough, warm and presidential all at the same time.
> "The President has said this is going to be left to his successor,"
> she said at a rally in Davenport. "I think it's the height of
> irresponsibility, and I really resent it.
> "This was his decision to go to war; he went with an ill-conceived
> plan, an incompetently executed strategy, and we should expect him to
> extricate our country from this before he leaves office," the former
> First Lady said.
> White House spokesman Rob Saliterman criticized Clinton (D-N.Y.) for
> "a partisan attack that sends the wrong message to our troops and the
> Iraqi people."
> One questioner challenged Clinton to explain her vote in late 2002 to
> authorize the war. She said Congress was "misled" at the time by the
> President.
> "He took the authority that I and others gave him, and he misused it,"
> she said. "And I regret that deeply. And if we had known then what we
> know now, there never would have been a vote, and I never would have
> voted to give this President that authority."
> Dawn Trettin, 33, and her son Ramon Briones, 18, who has joined the
> Army, said they liked what they heard from Clinton. Trettin, though,
> teared up when someone in the crowd told her son not to go to Iraq.
> "I don't want to just pull out and leave it in chaos," she said,
> though she was waiting to make up her mind on whom to vote for next
> year.
> Her son, who said he liked Clinton's depth, was ready to commit after
> hearing her pitch. "I liked her," he said. "I would vote for her."
> Clinton is leading her Democratic rivals in national polls, but she is
> not the front-runner in Iowa. If Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucus was
> held now, she would lose to 2004 vice presidential nominee John
> Edwards. She also trails former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and Illinois
> Sen. Barack Obama in state polls.
> She completed a two-day swing through the state last night in a bid to
> close the gap and tried to erase the perception among many Iowans that
> she can't win, talking to them in small groups in living rooms and by
> the thousands in large halls.
> The reception was strong, and Camp Clinton liked what it saw.
> "We are thrilled with the weekend," said Clinton spokesman Howard
> Wolfson.
> Clinton also focused on middle-class issues like making college more
> affordable and obtaining universal health care coverage.
> She promised to try to at least get universal coverage for kids during
> her next two years in the Senate.
> Today, she's picking up the war theme theme again in Texas, attending
> the dedication of Brooke Army Medical Center's $50 million Center for
> the Intrepid. The 60,000-square-foot physical rehabilitation center is
> for veterans injured in the war.
> Originally published on January 28, 2007

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