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Some well known design applications have plugins for UML<->Python
translation. For example EnterpriseArchitect
( has a plugin for
Python.  ObjectDomain though supports it natively:

The good thing about Python is that it is concise enough to not need
UML diagrams. Python can be used as a prototype language itself. In
other words it could take longer to draw the UML diagram than it would
take to type up a mock-up in Python. While with Java, for example, it
is very helpful to have a code generation application to take care of
all the getters and setters.

But of course if you have non-technical people who just know how to
read UML diagrams, it makes sense to invest in a good design tool.

Hope this helps,

Carl J. Van Arsdall wrote:
> For those of you that work on larger applications but still code in
> python... do your development teams use any tools to facilitate the
> design? (i'm not asking about editors here, i'm really asking about
> software design tools)  Are these the same tools you would use to help
> engineer software in another language?
> Is there anyone here who is forced to use a tool to design python
> software that completely hates it?  Why do you hate it?
> Thanks!
> -carl
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