Python web app. (advice sought)

Ralf Schönian ralf at
Tue Jan 16 04:59:32 CET 2007

Tim Williams schrieb:
> On 15 Jan 2007 00:52:33 -0800, Torabisu <tpawley at> wrote:

> Don't overlook Karrigell either,  with a tiny learning curve its
> always worth consideration, especially if you need rapid development
> and a web server that will sit on top of your exising .py modules.
> hth :)

I would also like to vote for Karrigell.

BTW: Does anyone knows how to avoid stopping/starting of the webserver 
after changing external libraries? I have some own modules under 
/opt/local/python/lib and import them by extending the path with 
sys.path.append() After changing any file here, I have to restart 

Ralf Schoenian

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