My first try using logger didn't work. Why?

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Fri Jan 19 20:20:17 CET 2007

At Friday 19/1/2007 15:59, CedricCicada at wrote:

>One of the problems I was laboring under was that I did not know where
>to go to find the official documentation.  Thanks for that link too!

You already have it installed; look into your python install 
directory, under "doc"

 From inside the interpreter, you can use help():

py> import logging.handlers
py> help(logging.handlers.NTEventLogHandler)
Help on class NTEventLogHandler in module logging.handlers:

class NTEventLogHandler(logging.Handler)
  |  A handler class which sends events to the NT Event Log. Adds a
  |  registry entry for the specified application name. If no dllname is
  |  provided, win32service.pyd (which contains some basic message [...]

Try help("logging"), help("modules logging"), help(any object), help("if")

And you can read the documentation online at

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