Rendering text question (context is MSWin UI Automation)

Boris Borcic bborcic at
Wed Jan 24 12:29:09 CET 2007

Chris Mellon wrote:
 > On 1/23/07, Boris Borcic <bborcic at> wrote:
 >> ...A simple -
 >> with Tkinter or otherwise - way to wrap access to the MS Windows UI text
 >> rendering engine, as a function that would return a picture of rendered text,
 >> given a string, a font, a size and colors ?
 > There are actually several different text rendering methods (and 2 or
 > more totally different engines) and they will give different results,
 > so if you want a fully generic solution that could be quite difficult.
 > However, it sounds like this is for a specific purpose.


 > ...You could also use
 > wxPython, which uses what will probably be the right API and will take
 > less code than win32 will. I'd suggest this if you aren't familiar
 > with the win32 API.

Thanks for your guidance and quick code, I am going to try that.

Boris Borcic

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