Two dimensional lists

gonzlobo gonzlobo at
Thu Jan 25 11:17:40 EST 2007

I might get an answer since I didn't call them arrays. :^)

Ok, I have 2 lists that I need to process individually, then merge
them into a 2x list and fill with data.

arinc429 = ['ab', '2b', '0b', '21', 'c1', '61', '11', 'db', '9b', '5b', 'eb',
         '6b', '1b', '6e', '3e']
iPIDs = [300, 301, 320, 321]

merged[arinc429, iPIDs]

# PID & a429 are defined elsewhere

a_idx = iPIDs.index[PID]
p_idx = [arinc429.index[a429]

# shouldn't I be able to fill the lists simply by pointing to a location?

matrix[a_idx, p_idx] = 0x219 # and so on?


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