Python does not play well with others

Ben Sizer kylotan at
Thu Jan 25 12:01:15 CET 2007

On Jan 24, 1:50 am, John Nagle <n... at> wrote:
> In the Perl, Java, PHP, and C/C++ worlds, the equivalent
> functions just work.   That's because, in those worlds, either the
> development team for the language or the development team
> for the subsystem takes responsibility for making them work.
> Only Python doesn't do that.

I have much sympathy for your position. I think the problem is that
Python is quite capable in many areas, such that the people in the
community with the expertise to extend the language and libraries, are
usually the ones who've been happily using the polished features for
years and have found they need nothing more. And the ones who need
those features probably got bored of waiting for progress long ago. You
get the responses you do from years of natural selection in the
community. I think that is why many of the SIGs are stagnant, why the
standard library has so much fluff yet still lacks in key areas such as
multimedia and web development, etc.

People can say, "if you want it done, why aren't you doing it?", and is
a fair question, but it doesn't alter the fact of Python's deficiencies
in certain areas when compared with other languages.

Ben Sizer

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