DCOP memory leak?

jean-michel bain-cornu pythonnews at nospam.jmbc.fr
Tue Jan 30 22:47:29 CET 2007

> Now, I have to call DCOP very often and I noticed that every time I 
> make a DCOP call my program keeps growing in memory size.
> To make sure it was DCOP i wrote the small program below:
> from dcopext import DCOPClient, DCOPApp
> while 0==0:
>     dcop=DCOPClient()
>     dcop.attach()
>     AmarokDcopRes = DCOPApp ("amarok", dcop)
>     ok, Ms = AmarokDcopRes.player.trackCurrentTimeMs()
>     print Ms
> If you run this script and monitor it's memory use you'll see that it 
> keeps growing.

It's probably silly, but what's about 'del dcop' as the last line of 
your loop ?

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