Need better run/edit method. I have to restart the shell after every script change.

Mark creechm at
Thu Jan 11 20:41:15 CET 2007


What I need to know is if there is a better method to run/edit modules
on my pc.
I'm currently running the IDLE shell under Python 2.5, on Windows XP.

Every time I edit my .txt or .py file, I have to restart the IDLE shell
for the changes to take effect. It's pretty annoying. Assuming IDLE is
already open, here are the steps that I typically take:

1. Open .txt version of module or script using notepad
2. make changes
3. save .txt file as .txt file
4. save .txt file as .py file
5. reset IDLE
6. import module again

As you can see, I'm wasting a lot of time with this method.  Maybe
there is some better sofware available, or maybe I'm just not utilizing
the tools at my disposal.  Either way I would greatly appreciate any
insight into this problem. 

Thanks in advance,

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