Reading Fortran Data

Beliavsky beliavsky at
Mon Jan 22 04:26:17 CET 2007

Carl Banks wrote:


> > A Fortran
> > list-directed write can print results in an almost arbitrary format,
> > depending on the compiler. Many compilers will separate integers by
> > several spaces, not just one, and they could use commas instead of
> > spaces if they wanted.
> 1. Hardly any compiler will produce a line of two integers, or reals,
> that another compiler couldn't read back.

Yes, but for more than three numbers, the statement is wrong. Intel
Fortran prints four double precision random n

  0.555891433847495       0.591161642339424       0.888434673900224


but g95 prints them on a single line. I advise against using
list-directed Fortran writes to create files that other programs will
read, and I think most experienced Fortran programmers would agree.

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