My python programs need a GUI, wxPython or PyQt4?

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"Joshua J. Kugler" <joshua at> writes:

> Daniel wrote:
> > I've downloaded both the wxPython and the PyQt4 package, and by the
> > first impression I must say that the PyQt4 system had a very
> > compelling presentation. From what I can understand from the feedback
> > I've gotten so far is that the wxPython is a better choice when it
> > comes to compability (with linux), and it's free even if I want to
> > create applications and sell them.
> > So, from what I understand I will have to go with PyQt4 since (from
> > my understanding):
> > 1. I will not sell the applications I'm working with since they will
> > only be used by the internal QA at a computer game company.
> Even that is getting on shaky ground, at least according to Troll Tech. 
> See:  So, write it
> for internal use, and put up for distribution on your personal web site
> (pending company approval, of course).
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There are several OSS suppliers that use GPL, and then try to define
its meaning.  They are welcome to comment on their understanding of
the GPL, but they do not have the authority to actually define its
legal ramifications.  Check with your company legal staff.

Having said that, I have been troubled by trolltech's approach from
the beginning, and therefore stay away from it.  PyGTK and wdxPython
are solid GUIs, without the legal uncertainty.

Harry George
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