Synchronous shutil.copyfile()

Matthew Woodcraft mattheww at
Tue Jan 30 19:06:15 CET 2007

Hugo Ferreira <bytter at> wrote:
> I have a problem. I'm using calling shutil.copyfile() followed by
> open(). The thing is that most of the times open() is called before
> the actual file is copied. I don't have this problem when doing a
> step-by-step debug, since I give enough time for the OS to copy the
> file, but at run-time, it throws an exception.
> Is there anyway to force a sync copy of the file (make python wait for
> the completion)?

shutil.copyfile() closes both files before it returns, so I suspect
this is an OS-level bug.

The most likely culprits are buggy network filesystems and buggy
on-access virus scanners.


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