MP3 decoder module?

Paul Rubin http
Sat Jan 13 08:37:20 CET 2007

Terry Carroll <carroll at> writes:
> As I read the Pymedia docs, you can use it to decode frames from an
> MP3, and operate on the decoded sound data.
> See for a discussion.

Hmm, thanks, it looks like there's more there than I thought at first,
tough still pretty confusing.  I'll look at it some more.  Meanwhile
I'm just doing a semi-manual kludge, looking at a file visually with
audacity to figure out the chop point, then chopping all similar files
(I have a bunch of sets of files that are related to each other and
use the same chop points) with file.truncate.  This is extremely fast
but seems to sometimes cut an mp3 frame in the middle.  So I'd like to
figure out more accurately where the exact frame boundaries are.
Chopping in the middle gets a harmless error message from the mpg123
software decoder but might have some worse effect with a hardware
decoder.  I have some cheap portable players that I can try it on but
I haven't done that yet.

I'm surprised there's not more code like this around.

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