cannot import libxml2 python module on windoze using activePerl or Python IDLE

Andrew Marlow usenet at
Wed Jan 17 17:35:45 CET 2007


I have been using libxml2 with python with no problems for
just over a week but now I come to see if my script will work
in someone else's environment and the libxml2 import fails.
I am using the python that comes with cygwin. When I try using
ActivePython (2.3) or Python IDLE (2.5) there does not seem to
be a libxml2 module there.

I thought libxml2 was a std python module.
But it would seem not. I need help tracking it down please.
I am using windoze XP (not my choice).

I am not sure how python packages get installed on windoze.
I can't find a file for activePython etc
so I cannot even begin an install. I presume python's libxml
builds on the C libs libxml2.dll and iconv.dll so I have installed
those into the python DLL directory. I think this will be
needed at some point.

Please can anyone help?


Andrew Marlow
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