__getattr__ equivalent for a module

Maksim Kasimov maksim.kasimov at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 17:12:12 CET 2007


in any python class it is possible to define __getattr__ method so that if we try to get some value of not actually exists instance attribute, we can get some default value.

For example:

class MyClass:

	def __getattr__(self, attname):

		if attname.startswith('a'):
			return "*"

i = MyClass()
i.aValue # it gives "*" if "i.aValue" will not be set before this call

i need to define the same behavior for a module:

import mymodule
from mymodule import anyattribute

"anyattribute" is not actually defined in the module, but gives some attribute of the module

so my question is: how to tune up a module get default attribute if we try to get access to not actually exists attribute of a module?

(python 2.4 or 2.2)

many thanks for help.

Maksim Kasimov

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