Do I need Python to run Blender correctly?

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>>>>I downloaded Blender but there was no link for python. Am I on the right 
>>>   Blender doesn't require Python, but if you have Python, you can
>>>write plug-ins for Blender.   Get "The Blender Book"; otherwise
>>>you'll never figure Blender out.
>>>John Nagle
>> I'm thinking about not upgrading "Strata 3D" because it still doesn't 
>> export textures with obj files and it just created an undo of more than 
>> one action, believe it or not... Am I expectiong too much of a $400+ 
>> program, to export textures with obj files? Does Blender do this? I see 
>> the BBook on Amazon for $30. That's probably my best bet, no?
>    Blender has considerable power, but ease of use is a problem.  The
> hotkey listing in the manual is 29 pages.

Is the manual you refer to the group project on or the $ manual 
like the one on Ebay?

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