Xah's Edu Corner: Introduction to 3D Graphics Programing

ajsiegel at optonline.com ajsiegel at optonline.com
Mon Jan 8 16:40:59 CET 2007

Xah Lee wrote:
> Here's their license:
> http://www.vpython.org/webdoc/visual/license.txt
> I read it wrong before.
> Thanks for correction.
> This is superb! I'll be looking into vpython!
>  Xah

Of course it does what it does by resort to OpenGL and C++, so is part
of the problem ;)

I am looking forward to your tutorial efforts, and hoping those efforts
can be accessed without exposure to too much polemics.  Though if that
is the price of admission, that is the price of admission.

BTW, VPython is most of the way through a 4.xxx release which provides
some nice additional functionality to the 3.xx series core - like
transparency and texturing.  Problem being the the lead developer has
graduated and moved on, and the NSF funding that had supported the
effort has run out.

And the core folks around the project are either science educators or
Python folks - there is little C++ expertise currently involved with
the project.

The project is looking for help.

Anyone willing to jump in should perhaps reply here or at:

visualpython-users at lists.sourceforge.net


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