confused on python rpc with apache, is it possible?

krishnakant Mane researchbase at
Sat Jan 20 07:09:07 CET 2007

On 19/01/07, Diez B. Roggisch <deets at> wrote:
> I'm unclear why you want the apache in there in the first place. Why don't
> you just create an e.g. twisted-based XMLRPC-server, and simply let that
> run? What is the apache intended for?

twisted-based? what is that?  what is that.
I am very new to xml-rpc so my questions may sound very basic.
any ways apache is doing nothing in there but I thought that if some
thing needs to be done in php in the future then apache better be
there but as I said that is no need if pythone can do it on a stand
alone basis.

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