Maths error

Nick Maclaren nmm1 at
Mon Jan 15 22:23:15 CET 2007

In article <1168894093.278546.209850 at>,
"Rhamphoryncus" <rhamph at> writes:
|> I've been experimenting with a fixed-point interval type in python.  I
|> expect many algorithms would require you to explicitly
|> round/collapse/whatever-term the interval as they go along, essentially
|> making it behave like a float.

Yes, quite.

|> Do you think it'd suitable for
|> general-use, assuming you didn't mind the explicit rounding?

I doubt it.  Sorry.

|> Unfortunately I lack a math background, so it's unlikely to progress
|> past an experiment.

As the same is true for what plenty of people have done, despite them
having good backgrounds in mathematics, don't feel inferior!

Nick Maclaren.

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